Magnetic Easy Wipe Racking Strip

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Material – magnetic strontium
Finish – gloss coloured surface except matt black
Colour – various
Dimensions – 10m, long various widths available
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Quickly create magnetic labels with these highly visible coloured strips.  They are easy to cut to the required length and can be written on with a wet wipe marker pen and if required the text can be removed with a damp cloth.

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Magnetic Easy Wipe Racking Strip

100mm x 10M
90mm x 10M
80mm x 10M
70mm x 10M
60mm x 10M
50mm x 10M
40mm x 10M
30mm x 10M
25mm x 10M
20mm x 10M
15mm x 10M
10mm x 10M
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10mm x 10M, 15mm x 10M, 20mm x 10M, 25mm x 10M, 30mm x 10M, 40mm x 10M, 50mm x 10M, 60mm x 10M, 70mm x 10M, 80mm x 10M, 90mm x 10M, 100mm x 10M


Black, Blue, White, Green, Yellow, Red